Even the most modern and handy heating boilers cannot replace the symbol of a cozy home – a fireplace or stove burning firewood which is used not only for heating purposes, but also for its unique charm of burning firewood.

What firewood to choose – its up to you to decide. However, before choosing the firewood, you might find useful the following information:

  • Group I of heat output – birch, ash, oak, maple, and hornbeam firewood.
  • Group II– black alder, pine firewood.
  • Group III – fir, aspen, lime, poplar, osier, white alder firewood.

The hottest firewood is of oak and ash trees of the highest heat output. Birch firewood is noted for its excellent qualities. In terms of heat output, 1 m3 of birch firewood equals to 0.75 m3 of oak firewood, 1.1 m3 of alder, 1.2 m3 of pine, 1.3 m3 of fir and 1.5 m3 of aspen firewood.

Birch firewood is hot, but has high resin content; therefore, if you continuously burn this firewood, you will have to clean your chimney more frequently. If you chose birch firewood, you should also purchase aspen firewood and, although the latter is not very hot, burning it interchangeably with birch firewood would makes an excellent pair saving the chimney from formation of deposits.

Alder firewood is valued for its curative qualities, because when burning it almost no soot is generated and a pleasant aroma is emitted. This firewood fits for bathhouse heating.
Did you know that firewood also has its shelf-life? Birch firewood held for more than two years loses some of its best qualities and value.

If you use firewood only for smoking of fish or meat, we recommend choosing fruiter, alder, aspen, and rowan firewood.